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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Boomz,DDTank or弹弹堂 version 3.2 Update Details(In English)

[The Update details is translated from Chinese to English]
Projectile Hall after update 3 for a new era, new elegant interface by the play of faithful love.

Today, the new 3.2 version will be further upgraded, provides players with a more glamorous gorgeous game interface, a more comprehensive system plus a diversified and interesting game, players with different gaming experience!

New features:  
1. Newbie guide and comprehensive innovation, not only with a new boot boot tasks interface, new to more generous gift pack.
Game square features buildings and function buttons will also be the main interface with the character level and gradually opened:

1 open tasks, log and achievements;   2 open the lobby; Level 3 opened blacksmith shops, Mall, backpack, mailboxes, recharge button;   5 open friends Center, social buttons; 6 open and apprentice;   7 open Association; 8 open expedition Pier, attendance;   Level 10 open Wedding Hall; 12 open Hall of Fame;   13 open hot springs; 14 open auction;   15 open training ground; 16 opening gift boxes, refining;   20 open card.

2. Add " Restore sacred stone " prop, " equipment" → "auxiliary box " equipment recovery sacred stone, equipment began to take effect. To copy/competitive players in battle, each round will automatically revert to own a certain amount of hit points (every restore sacred stone restoration to life of 100), different levels of recovery recovery by the sacred stone of life values differ, use level varies. Restore sacred stone can be obtained through normal competitive and public campaign flop (public battle chances get higher), or in the Mall " recommended pages" → "new column " direct purchase;

Restore sacred stone class 1 , with level 0-level and above, per restore hit points is 20;
Restore sacred stone 2 , use level is level 10 and above, per restore hit points is 50;
Restore sacred stone class 3 , class for 20 and above, per restore life value is 80;
Restore sacred stone class 4 , class is 30 and above, per restore hit points to 120;
Restore sacred stone class 5 , use level is level 40 and above, per restore hit points to 150.

3. Set " activities & awarding ", " daily receive " all in one " registration system " officially opened, play friends log on game to enter the registration interface, to sign in by clicking on the current date, within one month of the cumulative attendance signed Gift Pack will be given multiple times, the more you get the Gift Pack award by the more lucrative;
                                                        New attendance system
4. Added watching system:
Players through the room list into competitive room, room and copy room to watch other exciting duel between players;
Into reviewing requirements: room game does not start, the owner turned on watching mode (creating a room is open by default);
Watching the number limit: challenge rooms and accessible 2 watching the copy room, athletic room can enter 1 watching users.

5. VIP adjustments:
VIP combat experience bonus promotion, VIP1 is 1.5 times, VIP2 for times, VIP3 is 1.6 times, VIP4 for times, VIP5 for times, VIP6 is 1.7 times, VIP7 for times, VIP8 is 1.8 times, VIP9 for times;
After you upgrade to the VIP5, failed to fight without deduction of contributions;
Increase VIP Gift Pack award;
Daily VIP task Rewards promotion;
VIP friends raise the upper limit to 750;
VIP31 day pricing to a 1980 point reserve, VIP365 day price adjustment is 20,910 coupons.
6. Added 5 new kinds of special effects speaker:
Birthday wishes, non-' If you are, to explode bomb madman, first love feelings, outface sentient beings, faithful bomb through the Centre recommended bar → new direct purchase;
7. New projectile log by clicking on the home screen " more " button into " projectile log " interface, where you can view your growing footprint projectile Church today (for example: added some friends, today completed a number of tasks, etc)
8. Game master loading interfaces increase the clear cache button, when does not function when loading a game, you can use this feature to bypass your browser cache to reload;
9. Wedding Hall increased gift giving feature ;
10. Ghost of increasing independent interface , rich play ghosts;
Player life values as 0 o'clock into the ghosts, ghosts by collecting the battlefield fighting psychic value in buying props to help teammate to fight;
Ghosts can buy up to 20 fight props, each round you can use up to 2.
11. Additional channel switching function square in the lower left-hand corner of the game;
12. Increase the " with friends " in the unique identification of the buddy list.
13. Increasing President mass mailing function . President can make mailing to all members of the Association, Association of mass consumes a certain amount of wealth at a time.
14. , President of the new automatic transfer function . 30 days in a row, President of go live automatically triggers the transfer function, then the system will automatically according to the Association a member of the sort the selection of candidates, for the Union members voting.
15. Increases card wash function . When your card after you upgrade to three levels, you can take a certain number of similar card for washing, washing point card properties are the basis of random growth. Card runs out or washed through the consumption dianquan points.
16. Add continuous open Baozhu and jar features , less frequent actions.
17. Increase with city friends recommended interface , the player reaches a specific conditions into the friends Center, the system will be randomly you and recommend a player of the same city, you can add him (her) friends, with the game.
18. Public campaign flop increase rare weapon debris falling;
    Other changes:  
1. In the right corner of the lobby add " activities and awarding " entry.
2. Players in the game room, into the mall will pop up prompting you leave the room.
3. Copy limited to finish, same copy every day up 10 times (: "ants nest" copy 10 times/days that "chicken run of" copy 10 times/day number also failed), exceeding 10 flops will only get gold awards;
4. "Tray" out card quantity adjustment, fixed 1, revised to random 1 to 3;
5. "Denoting request, command, etc., mainly used in early vernacular cluck games" copies of all difficulty levels adjusted to 3 under, reducing copy operating hours;
6. Mall "free area" adjust the refresh time to 0 points, 8 points, 16 points;
7. Room settings adjustment, the player in the "lobby" and "expedition to Pier" to start the game after entering the room, the owner can click on the "room information" set the room name, and password;
8. Blacksmith shop "enhanced/melting" show total success rate, avoid misunderstanding;
9. Message adjustment, Outbox attachment box adjusted by four to one;
10. Wings field name modified to decorations;
11. Seal hole transfer changes the equipment transfer can choose whether transfer seal holes, including seal and seal holes that were successfully opened experience within value;
12. Card position adjustment to the bottom right of the backpack;
13. Task interface display adjustment, when a certain type of task is empty time-varying "grayed" is "not displayed";
14. Battle Labs named "training ground";
15. Player titles and the trade unions can tick show;
16. Adjusting the 8~20 of daily time treasure chest to receive grade-level;
17. Combat special effects further optimized;
18. Other UI interface adjustments;

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