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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Black Mesa is here!!!This is how you can get it!

Without question, Black Mesa is one of the most anticipated mods in years. Originally known as Black mesa: Source (they removed the ‘Source’ at Valve’s request), it began when the teams from two other mods: Leakfree and the Half-Life: Source Overhaul Project, merged to form one super-powerful mod team. Since then, they’ve been working hard at bringing Half-Life over into a much prettier package. It was originally based on the first Source engine, but now uses the 2007 version released with the Orange Box.
After all this years, Black Mesa is finally playable!So enjoy kids :D
  1. The 2007 Source SDK. You can install this from the Library > Tools menu in Steam. Alternatively, you can just click click this link.
  2. The Black Mesa mod. Where can you get that? We got the link bellow!

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